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Asbestos in garage help!

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I have just moved out of a property because of issues with mold and the landlord doing nothing about it. The property had a garage with some asbestos roof left from original, looks like asbestos cement. Part of it broke during a recent storm and I am worried about fibers so have refused to move my stuff fom the garage until a specialist deems it safe. The landlord has refused to have anyone inspect it and tells me it’s safe. I disagree. Do I have any rights? Why should I risk my health? Please advise.

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Hi Craig

There’s some info here from the Residential Landlords Association on what landlords are required to do where there is asbestos in a residential property. You might want to point out that a landlord can be prosecuted for not getting a risk assessement and it’s actually a criminal offence to expose someone to the risk of asbestos. They may also be liable if you – or anyone else who comes with you to clear your stuff – is exposed or even just at risk of being exposed.  So, the landlord currently faces a criminal conviction and possibly financial penalities – a little silly/reckless then for them to be sitting on their hands…

If you present this info to the landlord and they still refuse to do anything then contact your local Environmental Health department at your local authority and get their help. But as you rightly say, definitely don’t go anywhere near it on your own.


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