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Asked to leave the property to show people around

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I was wondering on our rights as tenants regarding the landlord showing people around the property. 

We have been told to vacate the property while they show potential new tenants/buyers around. We feel really uncomfortable about this and I’m also 36 weeks pregnant and struggle to stay out especially in the cold. Can we actually tell them we will be staying in while the viewings are going on or can they ask us to leave regardless? 

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Hi Hannah

I’m pretty sure that they can’t ask you to leave, no. Your tenancy agreement should tell you what rights they have and what obligations you have to allow for viewings. Normally, you have to be given notice and you have to allow the viewings but there’s no obligation to be absent – that could be very disruptive. I have rented for 15 years and never had to leave a property being viewed by potential tenants unless I wanted to.


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