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Asked to move out after 2 months... ?

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Hello, this is my first time posting as I require advice on something very puzzling that I’ve never encountered before.

I’m starting a new job in September, and as such I was looking for a new room to rent near my new workplace. I am going on holiday for 2 months to the US, so I decided to move before my holiday started. Sure enough, I found a good room just 5 minutes away from my workplace. After some bartering, the agent told me that the landlord was willing to rent the room out to me for a small discount if I was prepared to pay 2 months in advance, which of course I was happy to do. After that, all was well.

Just yesterday, I got a few seemingly desperate calls from my agent asking me to call her back. I informed her that I was not in the country, but she got me to talk to the landlord, whom I never met previously, on whatsapp. The landlord informed me that they were planning on renovating the house, and that I had to move out by the end of August. I was a bit too shocked at that moment to ask questions, but after that phone call, communication was scarce. I did not manage to get any more details about why I need to move out, the exact date, or whether it was possible to extend that time. 

I will be back in the UK at the end of August, right when they’re expecting me to move. They told me the notice was served already… I don’t know whether they mean in the mail or not, but I could not get my mail in the US! I suspect that they planned on wanting me out from the beginning, considering that they were so keen to get me to pay all the rent exactly 2 months in advance. Can they do that? I do not want to rent out another property from them as I don’t trust them anymore. They offered me a property which they let me view before (they must have forgotten), far away from any amenities and for a much higher price than they had originally advertised it 2 months earlier.

I feel that I need more time to look for properties when I’m back. What can I do?

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Have you signed a contract ? Was it an assured shorthold tenancy ? If so, did it have a fixed term, like 6 months or 12 months ? 

If the above is confirmed then you are protected as long as the fixed term holds. The landlord cannot ask you to leave and you are not required to move until the fixed term expires. 

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