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AST rent increases

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we’ve just received what appears to be a Section 13 notice of rent increase. We are now past our fixed term and into our statutory periodic tenancy. We know that rent increases can apply after the fixed term, however our tenancy agreement includes a section on rent increases being inline with RPI and the notice served is higher than this. When we asked we were informed that the rent increase in the agreement does not apply and that if we challenge the increase as the landlord could invoke section 21. Do we have a leg to stand on if we look to ask for the rent increase to match the terms in the agreement or would we just end up being served notice? Thanks

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Hi Ian

Generally, when you enter a periodic tenancy, it’s governed by the terms of the original tenancy. However, I found this case summary, which would indicate that where you’ve got a statutory periodic tenancy arising that is not the case.

Even if you could challenge the rent increase under the tenancy, your landlord could still serve you notice unfortunately.


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