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At the End of my Tether with Loreburn Housing!!!

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I have been waiting for on the housing list since I was five months pregnant and now my child is five months old. A week ago I was told about a possible house and that my Landlord (Loreburn) was suppose to get in touch to arrange a final flat inspection . A couple days had gone and had nothing. So I tried calling them but every time I tried, number not recognised, I also tried email but it said that the email could not send due to an error. I tried and tried and then told housing about it. He gave me an email and surprise they answered they changed their details without informing me. But my troubles didn’t end there. They talked to housing and now I’m being withdrawn from the waiting list. I have done everything I was suppose to do. I paid all my rent on time in full. I kept asking for updates and did what I can. My flat is overcrowded and is like an ice box as well as the stairs are too dangerously steep for my child. I physically cannot keep staying there for the sake of my child. It is not the first time Loreburn have been like this either. 

Just wanted to share this with you but I don’t know what I can do know. 

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