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Attacked and locked out

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Hi. I rented a flat above the pub I worked in. Very quickly I learned my bosses and landlords were nasty thugs. They created situations where things would go missing then blame me and extort money from me. They even staged a burglary where my flat was broken into , pub taking stolen and y property!

I left in November after one of the landlords /bosses punched me. He accused me of stealing a laptop and when I told him I knew nothing of it, he full on punched me. I reported it to the police who have been useless!! It took them 6 weeks to take my statement and still 5 months later they have not spoken to the suspect!

My tenancy is until June. I have been too afraid to return and the one time I did get the courage together ,my front door had been changed, builders been in my flat and made an awful mess. Then when I tried to get in to get my stuff out I received threats from my neighbour and bosses cousin. Also said builder. They changed the lock on the communal door and would only give me a key if agreed to meet in person privately. 

I’ve since found out my flat was accessed numerous times by the landlords son and ultimately that they’ve destroyed mine and my 8 year old sons property! 

What can I do? I’m unemployed and have nothing! My kids toys gone, 1000s of pounds of clothes , electrical equipment, my whole life’s possessions 

Police know I couldn’t get in and I was too scared to go on my own but they didn’t offer e assistance. 


Hi Sean,

This is a horrendous story and, thankfully, a very rare occurence these days.

Given the severity of the reported events and situation I can only advise that you seek urgent legal advice.

I would start by contacting your local Citizens Advice Bureau office and reporting matters to them. They should be able to give you some free legal advice.

I would also contact the organisation Shelter who may be able to provide further legal assistance as well other types of support.

I would also report the matter to the Council the property is located in. Councils often take these matters more sreiously than the police and with strict HMO legislation in place may be able to take action elsewhere.

Continue to pursue the police- I recommend going in to your local station and seeing someone face to face and then follow the matter up from there.

I hope this is of help and wish that matters quickly improve for you and your son. Good Luck and please keep us posted?

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