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Bad experience with castle letting agents, Paisley

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 On 27.4.15 I viewed a flat I’d been informed by Castle was fully furnished when I arranged the viewing the week before. This was also borne out on the listing they gave me(attached). It wasn’t fully furnished so when I queried this Castle Residential in Paisley said it would be furnished before I move. They input this on the contract. I told them I needed to move by 7.5.15 as this was the day when my notice expired on my current flat. They input this as the date of entry on the contract I signed. I offered my current landlord as a reference but they didn’t want it. 

I informed them as they requested 3mths rent in advance that I wished to view the property in advance of 7.5.15 but they said there were no slots until 6.5.15. This was unsatisfactory but we made an appt for 1pm on 6.5.15. Meanwhile I arranged a removals firm for 7.5.15 and confirmed with my current landlord that I would move out on 7.5.15 and confirmed a time for the checkout process

On route to the flat on 7.5.15 Castle rang me at 12.30 and said the furniture wasn’t delivered. This was very distressing as I had to move by the next day and had everything planned. They suggested that I could still move in on 7.5.15 and the furniture would be delivered later. This was unacceptable as they expected me to sign a tenancy agreement that would commit me there to at least 6-8 months and payment of 3mth rent in advance without seeing the furniture.

I then went to their office where they said the furniture would be there by 7.5.15. I said I could put back my move by 1day if my current landlord allowed, which Castle agreed to. I then went to my current landlord and explained the situation. He agreed I could stay
1 more day if I paid extra rent. I then returned to Castle to confirm it was ok but then they said they couldn’t guarantee the furniture would be delivered by 7.5.15. This was very annoying and stressful having just agreed to it and informing my current landlord so.I then went to my current landlord again and explained the situation. He agreed I could stay Til Monday 11.5.15 if I paid extra rent 

I returned to Castle for the third time that day. We agreed to a viewing on 8.5.15 and a move on 11.5.15 if the viewing was successful

I informed my removals company by email and text. They obviously were unhappy as they didn’t reply. So meanwhile I was trying to find another removals company at short notice and at a larger cost thanks to Castle who never offered any recompense for the additional costs and inconvenience and stress.

When I viewed on 8.5.15 I wasn’t happy as the furniture was substandard. The mattress
was stained. There was now an extra fridge which was badly marked. It wasn’t there when I viewed the first time and was sitting next to the original one,and the rest of the furniture was cheap,basic and very secondhand. I felt as if I was being taken advantage of as I had agreed to pay 3mth rent in advance, had little time to play around with, and this was the second time Castle had let me down.

I returned to the office that afternoon and gave my reasons above for wanting to withdraw my application. They  asked me to put these in an email with my bank details and said my deposit would be returned. This I did that day). By 13.5.15 I had still not received a refund or a reply so I went back. They  said they would  chase it up. 

By 14.5.15 I had still not received a refund or a reply so I sent Castle another email.By 18.5.15 I had still not received a refund or a reply so I went back to say I was still waiting. 
By 20.5.15
I had still not received a refund or a reply so I returned and it was then for the first time Castle were refusing to refund my money which I still await

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Hi Mrs S

Is the deposit a holding deposit or your security deposit? And what else have you paid?

If they agreed by email to refund everything, did they then give you an explanation as to why they had changed their minds? I would ask them on what basis they are refusing to refund everything and then list out all the losses you have suffered as a result of their actions (moving expenses etc). You could then go to a solicitor or a law centre and see if you can take action against them for both the loss and the distress caused (you’d need legal advice on that as I’m not a solicitor). Sometimes, just the threat of doing that is enough to get agents moving to making a repayment in a situation like this…


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