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bad experience

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Hi all,

I moved to London 5 months ago and I am currenlty leasing a flat fully furnished payong in advance a 6 months lease until the end of June. Since I moved in I had to deal with a lot a grievances from the agent and here are below a small sum up of it all

– entered the flat with shower, flush, TV not working (fixed 10 days later)

– was sent the deposit protcetion service to sign 43 days after I entered the flat and I believe I should have receievd it 21 days after start of tenancy?

– my details were given to all utilities agencies and had issues making myself (the flat) known to the council flat, was contacted by EDF but had to spend some time telling them that there were no gaz entering the building

– moving in an up and running Relish box was in  the flat and being a short term lease i thought it was part of the rental. After 3 months the box stopped working and when I called the internet company they told me that the owner (the agency) closed the account. I contacted the agency and they told me that the box was not supposed to be in the flat and the I offered to take over the contract at no charge to them and will leave it in the flat when I leave. The only they had to do was to contact Relish and give ny details. I waited- contacting Relish to see if they had some updates. It took the agency 4 weeks to get back to me telling me that they had a box in the office and that I was more than welcome to exchange it. I now have internet back

– Last week the agency send me an email telling me (accusing me) of having stopped my Coucil tax payment telling Westminster council that i moved from the flat as that I was responsible for the payment until the end of my lease. I called Westminster tax office straight away and they tod me that they did not understand why my account and direct debit were closed and the only reason was that  a new lodger moved into the building and took over “my flat”. I contacted the agency still accusing me and said they contacted the council to reopen my account. This morning I called Westminster and they told me that they wre still waiting from the agency to send the lease and I agree with to pay upfront what I owe and what I will owe to them until the end of my lease agreement

– I gave my notice 1 month ago (My last day being now end of June) and the agency started to advertise the flat straight away. i agree for a viewing last Monday highlighting the fact that in the future I would need 24h written notice. This morning I received an email from the agency syaing they forgot to let me know but they would come in the flat for viewing within the next hour. I decline and sent an email to the ops manager saying that as I mentioned clearly I would need anotice but also and as seen on a website that by law viewings should only start 28 days prior to the last rental day. 

I have now told the agency that I was tired of their unprofessionalism and harrassement and was just advised that the flat had been removed from their website.

I just wanted to see if some of you had had similar experiences and ultimately if it is true that by law viewing should only start 28days prior to lease end. This has been a very stressful 5 months considering the only reason why I took this flat was for its location and fully furnished and I cannot wait for the lease to be over. Is it common practice in the London renting market?? 


Since I logged this post i have just returned to to the flat to discover that the agency actually showed the flat without my knowledge amd approval. What is the next step I should be doing? Thank you.

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Hi Alex,

A lot of points here, I will try and be brief but address them all…

Maintenance Issues

This should not happen but an agent can only fix what they are advised about. If the previous occupier did not advise them then they can only address such issues when you report them. 10 days is a bit slow but there are many who will have much worse stories than this.

Deposit Certificate

The deposit is required to be registered by law, within 28 days or receipt of funds. Failing to do so can (possibly) enttle you to a fine payable by the agent. However, as long as your deposit was registered, and you were sent the certificate, regultor leaflet and government guide or renting I would just be happy the deposit is safe. Of course, if you wish, you can try to pursue this matter however I beleive I am right that you only get compensated if you report it when uncovered.


This is a standard procedure for all Landlords and Letting Agents. The current Council Tax, Water, Gas & Elec suppliers are usually notified of your name(s), contract start date, address and mtere readings and they then liaisie with you to set up accounts. I see no fault here.


Unless clearly stated in the advert or during your viewing properties do not come with servces like broadband installed and included. That you had this was a bonus. You could have set up your own relish account the day it was cancelled and would have been back online the next day. Relish offer 1 year contracts with free hubs and ‘any length’ contracts you just have to pay for the hub. Again I see no fault here- you got 3 free months of broadband.

Council Tax

I dont understand why the agency are even getting involved. You are contracted to pay these and this is your responsibility. If you dont pay it then Westminster are simply to pursue you legal;y for any due payments. Confised why the agents are getting involved. They may ask to see a final bill/account to show you have closed your account with Westminster correctly but that is it.

Notice & Viewings

Normally viewngs would only commence when ntice is served- so that answers itself really. However, an agent or Landlord is not permitted to enter the property without your consent….regardless of the amount of notice given. Viewing tenanted properties is very common so you shpuld be reasonable about this however, if you specifically decline access and they enter this is very simply tresspassing and can, should you so choose, be reported to the police.

In future look for agents with lots of good reviews, regulatory memberships and (if possible) awards. You have a responsibility for yourself to ensure you are using a quality agent and this is very easy to do in the modern age. If you dont take 5-10 mins to investigate and protect yourself then you are causing yourself a lot of possible grief and stress.

Hope that helps

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