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bad landlords

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hi there i am having problems with my property and landlord i have 2 children 1 has mental health problems i moved into my property june 2016 and landlord has listed my flat as a 3 bedroom but is really only a 2 bedroom as 3rd room is only 7 by 6.5ft in size ive had a leaking toilet that had sillicone covered over it instead of fixing the problem the foreign workers and guys working fraudlentley as they are claiming from the dss also they destroyed the brand new doors that were fitted plus i havent had any heating in my property since the day i  moved in i was wondering if i am able to take my landlord to court for damages for the distress and unskilled workers putting me and my kids in more danger to our health by leaving exposed wires and electric fuse box wide open what rights do i have if he has been notified for months on end to get the repairs done but he isnt rehousing me either as flat is too small for me and my 2 children

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Hello Lee, 

I don’t know if you can get any compensation for damages. It is possible, but often harder to do. 

I’d recommend you to get the council involved as there are serious disrepairs and hazards in your property. There is also overcrowding in your property and probably a bunch more problems you haven’t listed.

With bad landlords, if there is one problem, there are a dozen more. 

Here is what you do:

Send your landlord an official letter requesting repairs. List everything clearly.

If they don’t do anything in two – three days (which is likely), send them a second one.

If they don’t do anything in two – three days again, send them a final warning. Tell them you’re going to complain to the Environmental Health department in 48 hours if no action is taken. 

In 48 hours contact your local council and ask for help. You need all the previous notices to get the council to inspect your property. Afterward, they will help you with getting repairs or getting social housing, if you’re eligible. 

Here are articles on our website that cover your problems:

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How to Request Repairs From Your Landlord

Contacting the Environmental Health Department

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