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Bad reference, will I be homeless?

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Looking for help or advice!

i have privately rented a house for the past 20 years, & always thought I had a good relationship with the landlord. My husband sadly died less than a year ago (the landlord came to his funeral). The landlord has given me notice, as he wants to sell the house. I am sad as many memories at the house, but it’s fine as I was considering downsizing. I found a lovely smaller house to rent & all seemed to be going ahead until my current landlord gave me an awfully bad reference. & I have no idea why. He has said that cheques have bounced….they have not. He has said that when he wanted to enter the house to do repairs I was awkward. Again untrue….I took a days leave from work to be in the house when he was there (just for peace of mind that my furniture wasn’t damaged). I have cooperated with viewings of the property, I have let perspective new owners look round with their own plumbers & builders. I even asked my daughter to let in boiler  engineers for me when I couldn’t get away from work.

The lettings agents kindly contacted him to see if they could find reasoning behind his in true claims, but he says he stands by his reference. & they will not show me anymore properties due to this. & I guess it will be a waste of time going to other lettings agencies if he is going to again give me a bad reference. 

I have been to the citizens advice bureau who helped me write a letter but he has ignored this. Now I am very worried I will be homeless. What will happen to me If I do not leave the property by the served date? This will only be because i have no where else to go due to his actions. I am happy to leave, to be honest I just want to get out of the house! 

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I would try to contact the landlord personally and seek answers to all these questions. Try to call him, email, text – whatever makes him answer and look for peaceful resolution. 

If you’re really not guilty of any of these accusations, there is no reason for him to give you a bad reference. When he takes away your chances of getting a good property, he’s really making it hard on himself, as you will have to stay in the property longer than the notice period, if you can’t move away. 

This will avalanche into a whole bunch of problems for both you and the landlord and there is really no reason to go that far.



Forgot to answer the second question:

If you do not leave by the end of the notice, the landlord will have to go to court and seek possession of the property. This might take a few weeks and you will have another few weeks, after the landlord obtains the possession notice to leave. 

If you don’t still, the landlord needs to summon the county bailiffs to forcefully remove you and your property from the premises. This takes another few weeks , sometimes more, depending on the business of the bailiffs. 

You will get notices and chances to appeal on each step of this journey, but ultimately, the landlord will get you legally evicted and it will get even worse, as now along the bad reference, you will have a CCJ about the eviction. 

If you can’t find a place to rent now, imagine what will it be when you have a record that you’ve been evicted through the courts. 

You need to find a peaceful resolution. As bad as I feel about proposing this, you should even look for a way to “bribe” your landlord out of the bad reference. 


If he has written a reference accusing you of things you haven’t done, you should see a solicitor with a view to suing him for libel. He would have to prove his accusations and if he can’t, he will be liable for damages.

It might also be a good idea for you to look on Gumtree for a private landlord. Very often they don’t ask for a reference from a previous landlord anyway. But, in your place, I would be threatening a lawsuit.


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