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We have found a small crack in our bathtub. The damage was not caused through misuse or done on purpose. We havent dropped anything or used it inappropriately. Our shower is above the bath and we are afraid to use it. The council want to charge £470 to replace it. We are not allowed to get anyone else in to do so. It is the only wash facilities in the property. Can they do this ?


Hello Christopher, 

This is somewhat of a tug of war thing, isn’t it. 

You claim that you haven’t misused the bath tub and that the damage is not your fault. 

The council claims that you have done *something* which resulted in the crack appearing. 

Because you’re not going to resolve the problem just between the two of you, why don’t you request details about the model of the tub, the manufacturer and the date of installation ? The council should have such records. You can then contact the manufacturer and request their help in establishing the liability. 

You can then contact the manufacturer and request their help in establishing the liability. If you send them a photo and the date of installation, the manufacturer should be able to tell you if this kind of damage can result from bad usage, bad installation, bad maintenance or something else. 

Upon review, you can contact the council with this new information and negotiate.

Sounds like a plan ?

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