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Been given 2months notice

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Hello.I have been given 2months notice to move out of our home.We moved in two yrs to date we got to move out as owners decided to put on the market he has requested buyers wishing to keep us here but still issued notice which runs out august 19th.what i need help with is what are my rights after that date i have never been in this situation before,i have 2daughters and currently claim housing benefit and ESA but that may change over next few weeks depending on medical reports.I am completely stunned by this news we really like living here and dont want to move.someone olease tell me what rights i have and who i should see to assist me.thank you.


Hi Heather

Unfortunately, unless there is an issue with the way the notice was served then you don’t have a right to remain in the property. I’m assuming it was a section 21 notice – there’s some info on that here.

The process for removing you takes a little time – the landlord would need to go to court if you don’t move out and get a possession order for the property. After that, if you still don’t move then the court can appoint baliffs to remove you. The landlord can never remove you themselves, or hire anyone to do it – only a court appointed bailiff can do that.

The time this takes can vary – a couple of weeks to a couple of months – so it’s probably a good idea to start looking for somewhere new. If you’re really struggling speak to Shelter and hopefully they might be able to help.


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