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Being charged for ex agents bad work after moving out?

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Hi all 

We’ve just moved out of a private rented property after 4 years of being there. Whilst we were in the house it changed hands from one landlord to another (who luckily let us stay on as tennants). The old landlord used a local agent for managing the property and right at the end of the original landlords ownership we had a minor leak in the bathroom. They sent plumbers out but they made a real hash of the job. In the end the landlord himself came out and made good the work, and left us (finally) with a working toilet.

A few weeks later the sale of the house went through and the new landlord informed us she was not using the agent anymore and they would be managing us personally. We have recently moved out and on ‘checking out’ of the house after moving we have been told that the new owners want to take £200 out of our deposit because the floor under the toilet was bowed and had rotted away (presumably becuase of the leak).

This money was to pay for the new floor in the bathroom. They have told us that they will help us to claim any money back from the old agent as this was their responsibilty. I’m not sure what to say to them as surely they should go to the letting agent to claim this money back. Am I really responsible for someone else’s shoddy work / not noticing damage to the house after a leak? 

Does anyone have any advice please? 

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Hi Phill

No, you’re not responsible. The new owners have no cause of action against you as this is not wear and tear and it’s not even as a result of your actions – it was the former agent/landlord. Tell them a firm no and if they continue then raise a dispute with the tenancy deposit protection scheme that holds your deposit and they will most likely tell your new landlord the same thing.

I’m actually quite annoyed by this as your new landlord should know full well that you can’t claim anything from the agent. The former landlord could claim from the agent and the new landlord could possibly claim from the old landlord (although possibly not given the principle of ‘buyer beware’ i.e. they should have factored this into the sale price they offered for the house) but you can’t claim from anyone. It’s a real cheek. Just say no.


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