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Being evicted can we know why?

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Hi All,

We have lived in our property for 4/5 years without issue.  However, the letting agent employed a new housing inspector who setdown all kinds of new rules.  We complied with these rules to keep her happy.  We employed a cleaner, we had all of the house carpets shampooed etc.  None of these were issues in the previous 4 years, only when she arrived.

Anyway, this appears to still not be good enough and we are now being evicted.  Do we have a right to know why we are bing evicted?  Can we raise this as a dispute with someone?  We feel that the house inspect who didn’t like that we challenged her (to start with, although we did fully comply with her all her requests) has set about ensuring we have been evicted.



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Hi Nicola

It depends how you’re being evicted – if you have been served with a legal section 21 notice then no the landlord doesn’t have to justify removing you. There’s some more information on that here.

If the landlord wants to evict you during a fixed period or hasn’t fulfilled the requirements for using section 21 (such as protecting your deposit) then they will have to use a section 8 notice, which requires them to give a reason.


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