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I was sub-letting from a friend and now I’ve moved out he’s trying to say I owe over £400 in bills that are in dept. But after I’ve worked it out it shows that I was paying 80% of the bills in the first place… What would happen if he took me to court?? 

Thanks in advance 

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Hi Rebecca

It sounds like your friend may well have been in breach of his tenancy by sub-letting to you in the first instance (unless specificslly consented to by his Landlord and/or agent) and unless you signed an agreement stating you were liable for bills this would be hard for him to prove. However, if you verbally agreed to pay the bills, that is a legally binding agreement. However, any bill claims would need to be fair and justified with evidence.

If they really are a friend just hash it out, reach a deal and move on.

Hope that helps

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