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Bills change to my name without asking

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There are 4 people who rent the house on different contracts all on 6 month terms.

We used to pay our live in landlord the money for the bills (water/gas) which was in there name.

The landlord has now moved out and trasfered the name on the bills to myself and another tennant.

Whilst i am happy to pay the bills, i’m not happy that ive not signed for this to be actioned or notified of it first.

Is this normal practice?

Thanks in advance


Most tenancy agreements make the tenants responsible for the payment of bills – unless stated otherwise. Normally, when you move in it would be up to you to put the bills in your name and to pay them on time or you’d be in breach of your tenancy agreement. So, although it would have been better if they’d told you it was happening first, it’s standard practice for the tenant to be responsible

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