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I recently moved into a shared property, that is I rent 1 out of a about 5 rooms in house, that was advertised as the rent included all bills electricity gas etc.

However. I have just found out that a tenant who just moved out this week was topping a prepaid meter for the electricity.  No mention of this was made when I moved in

One of the other tenants has approached me about contributing towards paying for this and has he had the same understanding as I did that the bills were included.

If the tenancy agreement speciifies that the landlord is responsible for the bills, where do I stand in relation to paying for this? 

I am about to approach the landlord in order to clarify the situation.

Sorry if this has been raised before but I couldn’t find a similar question. 

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Hi Julian

I’m not a lawyer but I think if the tenancy agreement specifically states that the landlord should be paying the electricity bill then the landlord should be paying the electricity bill. Otherwise I would have thought you’d be within your rights to ask for a reduction in your rent to cover it.


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