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This is bizarre

My company relocated me to the West Midlands 3 years ago and because of the job offer decided to cover my rent. They rented a nice property for me and covered the rent for 3 years. The property was rented through a major estate agency who processed the company let application through Homelet who they used to do the checks.

However recently the owner of the property we are in has decided to sell the property so we have to move out so my company found me a new property to rent. However because its a new property they had to go through the same application process again. This time the application failed apparently due to a zero credit rating. When our company pulled down their credit report from Equifax there are no debts, no adverse credit but the credit score was 26 which is deemed to be an E-. Our company has been around since 2005 and has always submitted audited accounts every year but has been careful not to take out any credit and instead has grown through orivate investment and organic growth.

It would seem the low company credit score is because we dont have any credit agreements and so are being penalized for this.

The estate agent went straight back to the landlord of the new property and told them the company had a zero credit rating and the landlord said next applicant please.

This after we never missed a rent payment for the last 3 years with the same estate agent.

This credit checking process is pathetic in some instances.

Has anybody had a similar experience or know of estate agents that dont use equifax.

How could Homelet have approved our company in 2014 and then decline them in 2017 when nothing has changed as far as our company is concerned. Its bizarre but is there any expertise on this website in regards to estate agents who dont go through equifax or is it the case most agents use homelet as their screening hub which means every application is subject to equifax


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Why don’t you rent it yourself – maybe your credit rating is better. The company can just reimburse you for your housing costs with your pay check. 

Yes, it’s a bit of hassle, but you’re looking for workarounds at this point. 

Bear in mind that in most cases, these are automated systems that first give you the credit rating and second judge your credit rating. It’s strange for the estate agent to not give you the benefit of being a good customer for 3 years, but there again, most of their systems are automated as well. 

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