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black mould

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ive been renting my propety now for 19 months with my son who is special needs

when i moved into the propety there was a bit of black mould on the wall i pointed this out and was told from estate agency that

last tentant used a dryer and didnt open windows

i took that as gospel but soon learned it was untrue  

i lived a ful year without lights as the estate agency told me it wasent there problem (ive never rented privatly ever befor so didnt know my rights 

i lived 7 months with no heating as the boiler broke and it took them all that time to replace it becoz then i became 

there nightmare in the mean time the estate agency have changed hands , which i wasent informed 

my bathroom is now black with mould along with the bedrooms living room and all windows 

i have informed the estate agency and in the last 6 weeks hes did nothing how long must i wait befor 

any thing is done i have bad health and recently cant sleep my son is also complining too 

my chest is very tight and feels like a heavy weight is on it my 

me and my sun have sinus trouble and also excessive mucus 

a few weeks ago we had a leak under the house a pipe had came off from the pipe to the outlet 

and when i complained of the smell (swewer gas ) the estate agence wasent intrested at all 

until i involved inviromental health the estate agecy got it fix the following day i have requested my landlords number but no joy hes ignored me 

i have now applyed for another house so thats in the piopeline in the mean time what are my rights on moving out without notice i feel i cant stay here much longer for fear of risking more health problems the estate agency are just not listening …. im starting to loose it big time 🙁 

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Hi Jaxs

In terms of getting your landlord’s details, these should be on your tenancy agreement. You can also request these from the agency and they must – legally – provide them within 21 days.

It sounds like you’ve had an awful time of it, I’m sorry. I am not a lawyer but I would start by going to the doctor and making sure all the health problems you feel you have that might result from the property are documented. Then collect all the evidence that you can of what has happened, including emails you have between you and the agent, photos of the mould and anything that can prove how long you’ve been without lights and a boiler.

Your landlord is in breach of the tenancy agreement, which requires him to maintain the things that he has not. That doesn’t give you an automatic right to move out without notice but this does seem to be a particularly bad case so it is worth speaking to someone at Citizens Advice, Shelter or a law centre about whether the breach is so bad that you could leave. Be careful though as if you leave without notice you may still be liable for the rent.

The other option here is to force the landlord to allow you to leave early – you will need to ask him to surrender the tenancy and make sure that you get that surrender in writing so you have proof. You can request this via the agent and/or the landlord.

The best way to go about getting this is to make life so difficult – or threaten to – for the landlord and/or agent that they just want you to go. You have a huge list of problems here that you could take action against them for so you have plenty to work with. It’s probably a good idea to start with a letter that sets out everything that has happened, including the timings, and stating that you understand the landlord has been in breach of contract for a long time. You could seek compensation for that breach (speak to one of the organisations mentioned above about that – it may be possible), especially as your health has been affected and also if any of your possessions have been damaged. You can also start making complaints against the agent, first to the agency themselves and then to professional bodies they are a member of, such as the Property Ombudsman or ARLA. Agents won’t want this to happen as they may be kicked out of that organisation or ordered to pay compensation.

So, there is action you can take here – start by visiting Citizens Advice, Shelter and/or a law centre and get some legal advice on what your options are.


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