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Blank contract, short notice and no deposit back for excluded occupier

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When I moved in I was given a blank contract signed only by landlord and we never went through the specifics. No inventory was provided. I am an excluded occupier. No deposit assured either.
2 weeks ago I was asked to leave. His contract stated either part should give each other 28 days notice in writing.
I am leaving and he said he’s gonna keep my deposit (£500) because:
1) I asked for extra storage when I moved into the room and he gave me a chest of drawers that was sitting in the living room;
2) I had guests sleeping over and he’s not comfortable giving the same mattress to the next tenant.
Basically he’s making up excuses to keep my deposit. Landlord leaves his mail (and dirty dishes) all over the place and I’ve seen he owes money to cable company, council tax and mortgage is late. He’s 40 and healthy, choosing not to work. Always asked me for rent money in advance.
Think it’s very unfair what’s happening to me and I’d like to go to court.
Can I ask for reparation for the short notice and all the extra expenses I am having right now?
What proof I need to get my deposit back? Is it gonna be worth going to court? Heard you cannot get anything from people that are unemployed and bankrupt. (don’t know if he is or not)
I prefer spending time/effort than letting him get away with this. He’s probably done this before since he said he’s been letting the rooms for years.

Thanks in advance

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Dear Excluded

Whilst you should be entitled to that money through court- based on your description of his finances, this sadly may not be worth pursuing for financial return however it would teach him a lesson and might do the trick and get it back quickly.

However I would do your research on the laws and regulations and seek legal advice before spending any money filing it.

Hope that helps

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