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Blocked toilet

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I rent a house with an old fashioned toilet that is extremely prone to blockage. In fact it is so bad, I have to flush after going, before even using paper, then flushing again to get rid of the paper. But sometimes it still gets blocked even when I do that. At my last property it blocked once in 9 and a half years. At this place it’s once a month at least. When guests come round and I forget to tell them to flush once before they use paper, it normally gets blocked again. My uncle, brother and sister in law have all blocked the toilet. I always try to unblock the toilet myself with hot water and cleaning fluid or bleach, if that doesn’t work I try a plunger. If that doesn’t work and it’s a really stubborn blockage, is it my responsibility to clear it? I really am going to a lot of effort not to block the thing in the first place.


Hi Terry,

If it is a ‘saniflo’ (macerator pump) toilet then these are very prone to blockages if not used very carefully. However, if used right, they should almost never block.

If yours is NOT on a pump then, no, a toilet should not block regularly. In this instance I would contact the agent/landlord, explain (in writing) the extent of the situation and request that they have the drains rodded/jetted. If that does not work, then they may need to get a CCTV inspection done.

As long as you explain the situation and events in detail and the steps you have already taken in addressing the issue to date, I dont think they should have an issue with this type of request.

Hope that helps.

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