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boiler fault - heating comes on with hot water

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Just wanted to know if anyone can help, we have a problem with our boiler in that the radiators get hot everytime we have the hot water on, we have tried turning off the radiators but they are old and some of them dont turn off and its getting uncomfortable and expensive.

We reported it to our agency and they sent out a gas engineer the same day who said theres nothing that can be done because its just an old boiler and they have recommended we just turn the radiators down.

May i just add that our agency is very lazy and has refused to do many repairs in the house until i have quoted legal obligations.

Does anyone know the legal responsibility that the agency/landlord have to sort this out for us?

Not sure if we fall into a grey area with us still having hot water and heating and it just being an old sytem.


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Hi Stella

Have a look at the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 if you want a legal basis but I’m pretty sure that your tenancy will say the obligation on the landlord is to keep ‘in repair and proper working order’ the heating and hot water appliances. If you can’t separate using the heating and hot water that’s arguably not propert working order.


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