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Boiler poorly repaired

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Hi all,

I am renting a flat through an agency (I have absolutely no contact with the landlord). We have an old boiler in the property and we’ve had many issues with it in the past 2 years. 

My problem is that everytime we complain about it (because we don’t have hot water), the agent will send someone but it takes at least a week to fix (they supposedly need to wait for parts to arrive). This can happen once, I totally understand, but when it’s the 5th time, I’m starting to think those guys are cheap and prefer to do a quick fix that will last 3 month rather than buy a new boiler. I’ve asked them to either buy a new boiler or compensate us (7-10 days without hot water during winter is not fun…), but they refuse. 

Is there anything I can do or as long as they do the repairs, even if it breaks every 4 month, they are not responsible? 

My last resort was to destroy the boiler myself and make sure it’s absolutely not fixable unless they buy a new one, but I want to make sure there is no other way before I do that.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


It’s hard to take action when the agency DOES make SOME repairs and restores hot water, eventually. 

It’s also not recommended to destroy the boiler on your own because you might cause yourself injury AND a good engineer will know it’s been sabotaged, which means you will be billed for the next boiler, and you definitely don’t want that. 

I can’t really give you any specific advice, but you should check out our guide for information on repairs and responsibilities about heating and hot water. In any case it’s not reasonable to have no hot water for 10 days, so you may get some leg to stand on after all. 

Please download our guide from this page –

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