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Boiler repair

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Dear all,

I moved in on the 2nd of April and only after 3 weeks, on the 26th of April, a problem started with the water boiler resulting in no hot water during that day. I immediately contacted my property manager but up till now they have not done anything. 

This problem is still on until now so when apparently there is an overfill, the hot water is automatically shut down.

When, a week ago, I finally spoke with the plumber (who actually had come to check in the facilities prior to my move in) he informed me that he had pointed out this problem. So I am guessing that the problem was already there but didn’t do anything about it.  

Nevertheless, only last Friday, they mentioned that actually it is my responsibility to remove the excess water as a tenant, to pick up the cover from the boiler and start removing the excess water (I have not seen anything like that written in my contract) and when I replied that it is too heavy for me to lift it and that I felt insecure doing such a thing, tampering with the water facilities, they told me that in case the plumber would come to do it, I will need to pay him. I even agreed on that; but since then still nothing has been done.  Not to mention that they have changed my property manager now three times. 

I have been trying to be very patient but the problem has gone from bad to worse. During the last three days I don’t have at all hot water, I do all the washing with cold water and when I want to have a shower I have to boil water in the kettle. I have been trying to contact them, and all the time they tell me the same thing that we will call you back. 

I would like your advice on that, whether it is my responsibility to open the boiler and remove the excess water or pay the plumber to do it or it is something that they need to do.

Kind regards

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Hi Maria

The responsibility for the boiler is the landlord’s not yours – it should say this in your tenancy agreement and even if it doesn’t, as long as you have an assured shorthold tenancy, then the law requires it (section 11 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985).

You don’t have to pay the plumber either. The only situation in which this would become your responsibility would be if you had damaged the boiler yourself – as it was already broken before you moved in this couldn’t be the case.

I would mention the legal responsibility to the agent/landlord and ask them for a time frame in which they expect it to be fixed. Do this in writing and include a note of the fact that the plumber told you they had already been informed of the issue before a new tenancy with you was signed. If the boiler isn’t fixed by the landlord then he/she is in breach of the tenancy agreement – and the law. Make sure you keep a record of all conversations and proof of the broken boiler.



Service provider

To add to the above, it is an offence to remove the cover from a gas boiler if you are not a registered gas engineer.  Do not do it.


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