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Bond and deductions

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My daughter with her 3 small children rented a property for 14mths through an estate agent she was given 3mths notice to vacate by the 11/8/17 because the landlord was putting the property up for sale she found another property and moved in on 23/6/17 she has now had a email from the agents saying that they will be keeping her bond of £625 plus she owes then €925 for damage £1550 in total that they say she has done £435 for a chip in the laminate flooring that was already there but they say she has made worse £200 for stained carpets that were already stained plus it’s a cream carpet that has been down 10yrs and had 4 tenents that we know of before her £425 for decorating 4 rooms 2 rooms that we decorated in neutral colours that they said we could do said it wasn’t up to standard the rest is for things like a screw left in from baby gate £50 for broken plug on bath rubbish left in bin shower rail and curtain I have disputed this over the phone with the agent and I’ve got a meeting on Monday I just need some advise on how to proceed she’s on benefits and wouldn’t know where to start and can’t understand why she’s paying for things that were already there when she moved in 

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Is there a good inventory – move in and move out ? Is the deposit protected ? Which scheme does the landlord use ? 

Without this information, I can’t say anything more, as it is vital to know what proof you have of YOUR part of the claim. And what proof do the agents have for THEIR part of the claim. 

Right now, it’s your story vs. theirs. 

However, if they have no move-in inventory, you basically can’t deduct anything, because they can’t prove that it wasn’t there before she moved in. 

If the deposit is not protected, you can also claim additional compensation for failing to protect the deposit in a scheme. We can link you to a partner solicitor that can help you do this right and get as much as possible.

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