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Break lease contract for many reasons ...

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Hello, I am new in the forum.
Unfortunately I have some questions about my tenant agreement.
I will have to leave my property for working reasons until the end of February 2014 but, unfortunately, on November 2013 I signed the renew of my contract because I didn’t know that, just in one month I received a new job offer.
Obviusly my landlord want to keep my contract open until the end of January 2015 (12 months contract), I will leave my property, but I will have to pay the rent anyway.
I premise, try to discuss with my landlord is really complicated; so we didn’t find a friendly solutions.
I have some simple question to understand if I can break my contract without lost a lot of money (if I will lost the deposit will be not a really problem, but I will not want to pay a 12 months of rent without use than house):
– When I signed my contract, I sent to my landlord a mail with two copy of that, signed by me and my girlfriend. My landlord has sent my copy without him sign. It is valid?
– Our renew proces was done by post, not in person. This is legal?
– I can use my employment transfer to break my contract?
– When I sent my renew, the renew notice was expired from about 2 weeks, because I wanted wait the response for the new job (arrived too late). I have some possibility to invalidate my renew contract?
– (I premise that this solution will be the last one, but when I moved here one year ago, than home was the only solution, but now is a really crap) My house have a lot of problems: railing if the stairs that are don’t fixed into the wall, the cellar stairs rotten, the heating and water system really old and, some months ago, my living room radiator had a lick and I waited about 3 weeks to have the plumber service (obviusly the carpet was a lake, I tried to repair the radiator like MacGywer) and was substitute with one more smaller. Ah, I don’t want to forget the 4cm spiders. There are some possibilities to use that problems to break my contract?

So, thats it. Unfortunately this is a big problem, just because trying to talk with my landlord (as I wrote above) to find a friendly solutions.

If you have some questions about that, please cannot hesitate to contact me.

I hope someone can help me.


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this really depends on your landlord, we at Williams Lewis & Co have allowed tenants breaking their agreement providing a replacement tenant is found, there is no loss of rent to the landlord, that is to say that you pay the rent to the day the replacement tenant moves in and that our proportion of the letting fee is covered. Can you break an agreement for free, maybe but highly doubtful.


As stated below, this situation is extremely difficult to judge.

It really depends on if there is a break clause in your contact or if you and your landlord can come to an agreement whereby you both ‘surrender the tenancy’ once a new tenant is found.

On the other hand, if your landlord refuses to discuss the matter further and you are in danger of become unemployed or having to pay a further 6 months rent to a property you won’t live in, you could try a mediation service.

Here is the information you will need on what a mediation service is, how it can help you settle this dispute and who to contact.

Keep us updated and good luck.

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