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Broke into my garage to replace fuse

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Lastnight 12.30 am i broke into my garage which holds my gas shut off valve, fuseboard and stopcock. Have been having trouble with electricity and although the garage is not mine until a week ago I had access, day before the electrician shows up two bolts appear on the garage door. My landlady has been great but turned evil lately and we had it on a handshake agreement that I could access the garage I just couldn’t use it as a storage facility which i adhered too.

But the locks were put on some electrical work was finally done and yay we had power again. Lastnight the whole place went into darkness after I boiled the kettle. So after calling my landlady 7 times I broke into the garage and replaced the fuse, now I’m no cat burgalr so the damge looks like a rhino has had a go at it.

I emailed them a week ago saying that it was illegal for me not to have access, and they have done it on purpose knowing i have electrical problems. Am I about to be arrested for criminal damage or am I taking emergency action in an emergency cituation? Please help me

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In my view the landlord has acted unreasonably by denying you access to the electrics and gas shut-off valve.  Common sense would normally prevail and a landlord ensure their tenants have the necessary access to turn off their gas or electrics should there be an emergency.   If she looks for any redress then i would think you are well within your rights to do what you have done and she would struggle to make any claim for damage.


If the electrical problems continue it may be worth suggesting to her that she gets a periodic inspection done to certify the safety of the entire installation.


Thank you for the reply, was scared beyond beleif about paying out £2000 for garage repairs but looking into it at the very worst it is a grey area as I have a duty to prevent fire or damage to the property. Thank you for the reply

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