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Broken bath tub

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We have a sky light above our bath which has a two metre long stick hanging from it used to open/ close the window. For anyone to even reach the stick, you need to stand on a small step ladder. Yesterday, I used the stick to close the window and did nothing different to normal. About 5 minutes later, a loud crash came from the bathroom as the stick had fallen from it’s hook. It’s crashed on to the bath and subsequently left a fingernail-sized hole in the plastic bath tub. I’m not sure what to do. Do I try to fix the hole myself or tell my landlord straight away about what happened? No one was even in the bathroom at the time the stick fell but I’m worried the entire bath would need replacing and therefore high costs involved. We are the first tenants to occupy the property and I’d ideally like to keep a good relationship with the landlord/ estate agency. Would my deposit cover something like this?

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I would contact the landlord and tell them what happened and then work jointly to solve the problem for minimum costs. 

Obviously, you’re paying for it, but you can try to reduce your costs by repairing the tub rather than replacing the entire thing. 

Your deposit is exactly for this purpose, but you can pay for the repairs now and get your deposit back in full. 

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