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broken boiler

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right so on the 3rd of November my boiler broke
as soon as i noticed i called my landlord and told her
4 days later she got the plummer out and he said that he would try replacing some parts on it to make it work
he came back 3 days after that and then spent 4 hours trying to fix it
he could not find out how to fix it even though he replaced all the parts
so i said i would go though eon to get a free eco boiler so not to cost my landlord any money
and we still have no boiler 2 months later and i have just got on to eon yet again about it an they have booked me in next week to have a fitting
i was just wondering if there is any composition i could get like off rent or something and who i would talk to
(i pay just under 500 pounds a month)
(i have a child under the age of 5 and an other half who for medical reason can not cope with the cold)

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This was some time ago so I don’t know how you got on? But you are still within the timeframe to make a small claim for compensation. The landlord is obliged through The Landlord Act 1985 to keep and maintain in proper working all installations for hot water and heating. The timeframe is dependent on what the repair is, but for boiler breakdown, it is 24 hours. If they don’t offer you compensation, which effectively works like rent reimbursement because the property was not fit for purpose, you can make a small claim. Look this up or go to the Shelter website. The landlord has breached the tenancy agreement, the Landlord Act 1985 s.11, and the Housing Act 2004- The absence of reliable effective economical heating system constitutes an Excess Cold Hazard under the Housing Act 2004. I hope this helps. I have had the same problem with my landlord and am making a small claim also. I have sought professional advice.


Hiya hope that got sorted in the end, I’ve had that problem myself … call someone to fix it, hours go by … Zzzzz … still not working!!! That’s why I use STL Heating nowadays as they don’t mess about and get to work and get things sorted quickly! Not sure if you’re from my neck of the woods (north west) but if you are – they’re worth a call …

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