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Broken leg of chair and table

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I’m about to be evicted from my flat as a private tenant The flat was furnished when I rented it I have been there for over 8 years and since I’ve been there no repairs has been made by the landlord I met a second hand sofa with a dining table and dining table chairs, the cloth for one of the chairs is torn due to wear, the leg of the table and dining chairs is broken and one of the doors of the kitchen cupboard is broken, is it my responsibility to fix them knowing that they’ve all broken due to age of the furniture’s and wear and tear.


When you are renting a property there are times when damages can occur. These can be through accidents, neglect, your behaviour or that of someone else you know. If you or someone you know damages anything in your rental property you are responsible for arranging the necessary repairs.

Obviously when you are living in a property it will start to show signs of wear and tear and landlords expect this. However they do not expect to find cigarette burns in carpets, broken windows, handles missing from cupboards etc. So in other words anything that needs repairing or replacing due to damage – not use – will be your responsibility.

Do check the tenancy agreement as well as the check-in inventory.

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