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'Broken' Section 21?

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Hello there,

My partner and I were served a Section 21 notice to vacate our house by Aug 13th due to the landlord selling the property. We thought we’d found somewhere else quite quickly and told him we could vacate by July 24th, which was agreed to. However, this new place fell through after a few days, and we told the landlord that we would have to stay until the date given on the S21 after all.

Today we received a text telling us that, due to the speed of the sale, we would need to be out by July 24th still. Whilst we have found another house to move to, we need to remain until the date given on the S21 (Aug 13th).

Have we ‘broken’ the S21 by originally offering to leave earlier? We’re not wanting to stay any later than the notice we were originally given, but simply are not able to leave by that earlier date.

We have no rent arrears, and have not broken any tenancy agreements. 

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

– David

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No, you can’t break a Section 21. 

You are given two months and on no occasion is the landlord allowed to reclaim the property sooner, without your explicit approval. You tried to make it better for everyone – it didn’t work. 

You’re free to stay until Aug 13, but you need to pay rent. Make sure you properly approach the landlord for your deposit. Do an end of tenancy cleaning and make small repairs that you may think will cost you out of the deposit. 

Here is some more info about S21 – www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/advice_from_us/section-21-notice-to-quit/

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