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Building new houses in existing premises,Noise,no elevator,dirty premises

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Hello,we live in a premises of 8 floors,and 2 weeks ago the company that ownes the building started constructions in the roof to build some new flats.

The problem is that we dont have elevator 4 days now(and i rent in 8th floor) ,noise all the time ,and the whole premises is very dirty .

The elevator problem is a big issue cause i have heart problems and i cant use the stairs up and down every day to go to my work.

any advice ?

thank you

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Hi Dim,

As long as the building works are conducted during permitted times (see your local concil website) and there is planning approval in place (again check wth your local council).

As for your heart issue- was the Landlord/Letting Agent made aware of this at the time of your application? If so, and they were aware of the works, they may be accountable. There is also the question of this being an essential servce for your property and, if nothing else, you may be entitled to a rent reduction.

I would contact your agent and/or landlord to discuss and go from there. Either of these, once made aware of your personal circumstances, have a legal obligation to act in your best interests and quickly.

Hope that helps

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