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Building work in flat beneath mine, conpensation from developer

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Can anyone  please advise. I have lived in a flat for 10 years at the same rent and get on well my elderly Landlord. For four months there has been

building work on the flat beneath mine bought by a developer to convert from a 1 to a 2 bed. The chimneys and interior walls and ceilings

have been removed creating a huge amount of dust in the common way and woking its way into all my cupboards.

The hallway has been trashed and carpets ruined. Power to the landing light and door intercom left cut. So far my Landlord

has bought me a battery doorbell tried to impress on the owner / developer that I under a lot of stress with the 

noise and dust. They have not been to speak to me and just email my Landlord to fob him off, he said the works

breach four clauses in the lease of the property, including not to cause nuisance to other occupants in the building.

Can I make a claim against the developer who says it within their right to do the works. It will be five months of being a 

prisoner in my home. My Landlord did email me that he had been notified about the work but we thought it was redecoration.

He seems totaly powerless because it is a shared freehold with the developer and the work can’t be stopped now.

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Hi Bernie- as long as they operate within the permitted working hours (check your local council website for these) and are undertaking work that is permitteed (changing from a 1 to 2 bed requires planning permission and building regulations sign off) then they are well within their rights. Also, they are NOT in breach of the lease either. Peple are entitled to undertake works at their property as they see fit as long as they adhere to the two above requirements.

They will however be rerquired to return the hallway to a suitable state on completion of works. They are not entitled to cut off any services to your property and mst restire this immediately at their own cost. You can also see cleaning costs from them to rectify the dust/dirt issues.

I know this wasnt what you want to hear but there we have it. Hope that helps.

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