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Can a house be put back on the market if not everyone has signed the joint tenancy agreement?

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I am a student hoping to move into a house in September with 4 other students and we are supposed to be signing a joint tenancy agreement for it. We have been given a deadline to sign it (Monday 11th April) or they will put the house back on the market, but not all of us can physically be there in time to sign it. If some people sign and some don’t, are they allowed to put it back on the market or will they have entered into an agreement with the people who have signed and therefore will our house be safe? The other people would be able to sign slightly later so we would all end up on the contract.
If anyone has an answer, whatever it is, could you also provide as much evidence to back it up as possible, like a link to something official which I can show the letting agent if necessary?
Thank you!

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A Tenancy Agreement is only legally binding once ALL parties have signed- that includes all Tenants AND the Landlord/Agent.

People being abroad should not prevent a contract being signed, many agents can issue digital documents to sign online via platforms such as ‘docusign’. Failing that, contracts can be faxed, signed and faxed back.

There is always a solution however until all partes have signed there is no binding contractual agreement- especially not this far in advance.

Hope this is helpful

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