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Can agents charge tenant renewal fee against my deposit?!

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I’m currently disputing a claim my landlord has put on my deposit, whilst we “negotiate” that I’ve asked that the rest of my undisputed deposit money be returned to me immediately.

During their confirmation of transferring funds to myself they’ve decided to add a tenancy renewal fee and deducted £110 from my deposit – surely deposit money is not intended for this kind of payment? Also, they’ve never asked me for this tenancy renewal fee? 

They seem very keen on keeping my money and throwing any excuse at me to keep it.

Can I fight this? And are there resources available that I can read to help me aruge my case?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Franky

Raise a dispute with the tenancy deposit scheme protecting your deposit and they should force the landlord to repay it. The landlord can only deduct an amount from your deposit that you have consented to, they can’t decide what they want and then keep it. The deposit is for any damage caused and I think can also be used to cover unpaid rent or charges but not random charges that you haven’t been notified of and don’t agree to. Do this quickly as there are time limits. You should have been given the details of the scheme holding your deposit when you moved in.


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