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can anyone help??

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Hi I’m just after some advice, I private rent and the garden has a large area that is flagged (paving slabs) and when I moved in they were all wonky and having young children that could trip over them I complained to landlord and eventually he sent some one out to re lay them…he sent a plumbing apprentice that had never done flagging in his life…safe to say they are no better than they were in first place and they have left two rows up and said they would be back to turf it and this was around 6 months ago and they are still not finished. Doing the actual job aswell there were week gaps between the days he was sending the lad so overall it took about 4 weeks to complete? I have contacted the argent numerous times asking for them to be finished before the summer aswell. Is there anything I can do

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Please see our H&A article titled “If the landlord refuses to do repairs” for steps to follow. You will find it under the topic ‘Repairs’.

Shelter also have info on reporting the issue to your council if there is no response from the steps above:

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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