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Can I ask my landlord to redecorate?

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Can i ask my landlord to come to some sort of agreement about decorating? 

We’ve rented the same property for 10 years and seen the rent steadily rise which is normal I guess. However we’ve had no work done to the property aside from things we’ve done ourselves. 

It’s in desperate need of decorating in the lounge. The boiler leaked massively a year ago resulting in water coming through the ceiling into the lounge and although he fixed the boiler there is a huge black crack on the ceiling he just left. 
A roof leak also caused a 6 inch hole in my daughters bedroom that he has left. When I mentioned it he gave me some “no more nails” and some white card to cover it over! ! Both ceilings need replastering!!

The kitchen is worst. The paint is literally peeling off because of the damp. We’ve lost a kitchen cupboard that rotted through damp and when we showed him he gave us a bottle of dettol to spray on it. 
The kitchen needs completely painting, new cupboards and retiling! 
We’ve been here 10 years! I work full time and dh is registered disabled. My dads offered to help out with the decorating but honestly we can’t afford to do it all. 

Would it be reasonable to try and come to some sort of arrangement with him? We do the work he pays etc? 
I don’t know what to do? Should I write to him?

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Of course ! Contact your landlord and tell that although rent is rising the living conditions are worsening. The very least, he is legally responsible for getting on top of that damp problem and to ensure the property is fit to be lived in. 

However, redecorating is a bit of a shady area. If it’s cosmetic, landlords usually don’t bother until there is a new tenant coming in. You have to negotiate about it, but it’s very reasonable to get them to pay for the materials and you do the work. 

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