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Can I be evicted even though I paid a pet fee?

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Hi,  so to cut a long story short,  my landlord uses an estate agents to rent the property to us.  When we first got the property 3 months ago,  we had 2 dogs and some caged animals which I told the estate agent about.  They said it was fine if we paid a pet fee.  Which we did.  However we acquired an extra 2 dogs as they were dumped on us by an old friend who fled, and upon passing us in the street they realised we now have 4 dogs instead of 2. Which resulted in a written letter asking us to go back to having 2 dogs.  When we rang up to discuss the situation to see if there was any lee way,  the estate agent lied and has said we didn’t warn her about other animals we had aswell! Even though we did!

My tenancy agreement says nothing about not getting more pets or having a limit on number of pets,  only that we currently have 2 dogs and paid a pet fee.  Now surely given those facts,  they should be a little more lenient right? As it wasn’t a no pet policy.  So can we be evicted because we ended up with more? 

We’ve had no end of problems with these estate agents,  saying one thing to us and another to the landlord.  

Also My mother was sick so was unable to pay full rent that month which she said she would sort out once better and instead they threatened to take us to small claim court and take our garuantor too,  even though when we moved in the estate agents said they didn’t use the garuantor that they just needed a name on a peice of paper,  so my nan signed for me,  who’s got dementia and only earns 1,000 a year.  Which they new.  However they’re now saying that they never said that they wouldn’t use her as Garuantor! So they seem to be going. Back on what they’re saying a lot and making us look so bad 🙁

Please help my know what my rights are with regards to my situation with the pets and the estate agents keep denying the conversations we’ve had! 

Thank you.  

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