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Can I challenge this?

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My landlord has said that he is taking out two items out of my deposit – one is half the bill for me using Command velcro strips on a wallpapered wall. I checked with him when I first moved in that it was ok to use this in the bedroom and he said it was. However now he is saying that he thought I meant the painted element of the room and the product states not to use it on wallpaper. And I’m responsible for knowing this. He is wants to charge for half of the bill to replace the damaged wallpaper – is this reasonable if he said I could use it? He said it’s not his job to read the small print of a product to me. 

the other is he claims I cracked a drawer of the fridge and he wants me to pay for the drawer replacement. He said that it is clearly me as the fridge was unused and brand new when I moved in. The inventory though was done by him there were no photos and just stated “works, tenant confirmed” because his inventory is so vague can I push back on that? I don’t recall I did the crack and he can’t produce a photo of that drawer was perfect prior me moving in. He just states it was brand new. 

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Your LL sounds like a right B. I often reply to posts, although you will get a reply from an agent/service provider on this site. ALWAYS take your own photos with a witness present, when you first move in( sorry too late for you). Now contact CAB. Fair wear and tear for the fridge?  I have looked at so many cases like yours, there is a Landlord site. The tenant always loses out!!! You really should google the Landlord site, all Landlords posting how to rip their tenants off, and treat them badly. Reading the posts made my blood boil! Me personally, I would argue my case. If you are moving anyway, cause him as much grief as poss. Always keep a paper trail. Small claims court? I do hope you win. Bolly

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