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Can I get a lodger?

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Hi All,

So I’ve been hoping to get a lodger in my 2 bedroom house to help with the cost of bills etc..

I myself am a tennant in the house and I have read my contract to see if there are any clauses about this and all I could find were the points below. These don’t seem to relate directly to getting a lodger but would any of them affect my right to get one?

5.10 The tennant agrees with the landlord to use the property as a private dwelling-house only. This means the tennant must not carry on any profession, trade or business at the Property and must not allow anyone else to do so.

5.17 The tennant agrees with the landlord not to assign or sublet the property and not to part with posession of it in any other way.

6.2  The landlord agrees with the tennant to insure the property and the items listed on the inventory and use all reasonable efforts to arrange for any damage caused by an insured risk to be remidied as soon as possible and to provide a copy of the insurance policy to the tennant if requested.

9. Where the context applies:   “The TENNANT” includes the succesor to the original tennant.

I’m worried about asking the letting agent directly incase they say no and I’ll have just ‘tipped them off’ about it and hence would be unable to do it unofficially.

Incidentally I would be looking for a Mon-Fri lodger. Would that mean they do not actually count as a another tennant and hence be a workaround to the above problem? Would it also mean that they would not count towards the council tax bill beacuse they only stay here part time?

It’s interesting that I am allowed guests. So I’m not sure at what point a guest staying tus into a permanent lodger.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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this bit “5.17 The tennant agrees with the landlord not to assign or sublet the property and not to part with posession of it in any other way.” means you cant get a lodger……

you will need to get someone added to the STA or get permisson in writting to sublet…..for everyting to be legal and above board….


Agree with Glenn – as a Landlord I would be very unhappy to find you had “sublet” without actually getting in touch first to explain why you were looking to do so.  Some agents and landlords will not want you to do it, but others will be fine about it.  If you go ahead and do it unofficially, you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement and could find yourself evicted

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