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Can I move out early if Landlord Increase in rent ?

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Hi. The landlord increased rent from 550 to 575 ( which is not so bad), but we are not happy. Because it was told a month before new contract starts we had no time to find another property and we are still looking for one. Can we ask landlord/agency to let us stop contract at any time without charges and loosing deposit? We could let them know about moving out approx month before moving out. Me and my husband don’t want to be paying 575p/m for another 6 months ( that is the shortest period of time a contract can be made) 

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Have you signed a new contract at the new rent level? 

Did the landlord send a notice informing you of the increased rent?


Hi Laura

As the response above indicates, if you’ve already signed the new contract with the new rent then – unless the landlord will agree to release you (called ‘surrendering the tenancy) – you won’t be able to get out of the tenancy without penalties. Legally, landlords only have to give a minimum of one month’s notice for rent increases.

You can appeal against a rent increase but if you have already made a payment of the rent at the new level (and signed the contract) then this will be difficult to do.

There’s some information in our Advice Guides that you might find useful and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau also has information on when and how landlords can raise rents.


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