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Can I take my landlord to court

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Okay so I rented a property that was let by an agent, the agent was later sacked by the landlord with no notice to me or the agents. The tenancy should end 26/04/2017 and was supposed to have 3 months notice to quit. I gave the landlord 6 weeks notice and emailed them multiple times saying I could no longer afford the property due to unexpectedly leaving uni. They gave no solution etc to help me. 

So after 6 weeks I left the property. When I moved in it was supposed to be unfurnished and I’d signed a contract stating this, the landlords furniture was still there when I moved in and everything was dirty and gross. There is no renewal of gas safety certificate, the furniture left is not complying with safety laws, the light fixtures are unsafe and wires exposed and the landlord has not put my deposit in a protection scheme. She has also continually rung me multiple times until late at night, knowing I have mental health issues and it would make me anxious and upset  

I basically want to know if i if I took them to court would I be likely to win and get my deposit or would they say no because I left early even though it was unsafe. 


You can take your landlord to court for not protecting your deposit! Provided you can prove it (and it’s super easy, if it’s not protected), the court will automatically reward you between 1 and 3 times the deposit amount depending on the circumstances. 

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You can possibly also claim compensation for being left in an unsafe property, but this would have had more success if you took action while you still lived in the property. Don’t know how much you can get now, if any at all. 

As always, please consult a real solicitor before legal action. 

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I am having this same problem right now, thank you

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