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Can landlady enter your garden without notice and complain?

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my landlady came to the back of my house without notice where my friend was outside my gate and barged past him to enter my garden then because he told her she can’t legally do that she asked to speak to me and said she wants to view the house tomorrow. She is complaining about not liking my friend but surely who I have visit me is none of her business even if they are rude to her?? now I’m worried she will make petty complaints around the house on her visit? she did this before complaining about my children’s toys being an eyesore in the garden and that my feature wall in the living room was ‘not a good look to visitors’ and demanded I repaint it white despite telling me I could paint and decorate before I moved in. I think my house is in fair order considering I’m a single mum of two but surely a bit of mess is not what a landlord or lady can complain about? only the structural things like doors and floors etc??

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Hi Jolene

Your landlord only has cause for complaint if you – or your visitors or children – are causing a nuisance to anyone in the surrounding area or if you’re damaging the property. Landlords tend to forget that when they rent out a property, the payment of rent gives the tenant exclusive possession and that means the property is essentially yours until the end of the tenancy. So no, the landlord is not within her rights to interfere like this.

If the garden is part of the tenancy (i.e. mentioned in it) then the same 24 hours notice is required as for indoors. The thing to note about that notice is that it’s not just a case of the landlord giving notice, the tenant must also give consent to the visit. Without that consent a landlord is trespassing. If you don’t want a landlord to visit on a certain day you’re entitled to refuse as long as you offer a reasonable alternative.

Presumably your deposit is protected with a tenancy deposit protection scheme? If so, it’s the scheme that will decide at the end of the tenancy whether there is any damage to the property to pay for. If it was me I would ensure all correspondence was in writing with a landlord like this – especially where you’re asking permission to make any changes to the property – and maybe follow her around during her visit and take photos of whatever she mentions.




Our landlord turns up unannounced at random two or three times a month. Other times one of us just happens to notice a young man, who’s related to the landlord, out in the garden cutting down weeds. We don’t even get a ring on the doorbell when this happens. The house is up for sale while we’re renting it so we’re trying to be helpful and allow viewings of which there have been two so far. The last lot hung around for nearly 45 minutes, the agent having parked his car across the driveway, before finally leaving. The landlord ‘arranged’ to have internal photo’s taken for two agents, we refuesed as we don’t want our stuff all over the internet but he persisted, trying to persuade us four times before finally getting the message. A week later we had another agent phone saying they were coming round to take internal photos so we had to go through the whole rigmorole again! I’ve not come across this before even though I’ve rented all my life and I’m not sure how to handle it. Having read your response to Jolene, I would love to stop him just turning up. Any advice would be gratefully welcomed.

Thanks, Dan.

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