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Can landlord amend final inventory report?

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Hello, we vacated our rental recently and attended the final inventory. The inventory clerk provided the report to the landlord but I didn’t hear anything. I waited a week and then asked him for an update. He said he had asked for an amendment to the report and that the inventory clerk was working on it. I waited another week and asked for an update. The inventory clerk was still working on it. That was four days ago. I find it strange that he can request an amendment without our being part of the discussion. We both had the opportunity to be at the final inventory with the clerk. His wife, who is co-landlord, was there. This doesn’t feel right. Should I be concerned? Is this normal?

A related question: the tenancy agreement stated that the landlord has 14 working days to inform me if they propose to make any deductions to our deposit. Today is day 15. Does that mean he’s in breach of the contract? Does it give me any leverage in dealing with him regarding the deposit?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Edu, 

As far as i am aware, the inventory clerk will only go once into the property. I was talking today to an inventory clerk, and he said that if there is something that it’s not picked up by him while doing the check-our report, he’ll be blamed for missing that something. so they must be very thorough. Well, that might not be the case with all the inventory companies, however, the landlord should tell you why he had to ask for an amended version of the report. 

first off all, please do not mistake 14 working days with 14 calendar days. 14 working days is almost 3 weeks… working days = Monday to Friday, not Monday to Sunday. if the check-out was carried out on the 20th of October, he still has a few days to inform you of any possible deductions. 

In regards to the 14 days period, if today is the 15th day and he hasn’t said anything to you about having any intentions of deducting any of your deposit, that should mean that he does not intend to make any deductions. if the tenancy agreement says 14 days, i would say the landlord has lost his right to take any deductions from your deposit. 

you should contact the landlord and ask him why he asked for an amended check-out report, and ask for your deposit back, stating that he has lost his right to make any deductions from your deposit as the 14 days periord has passed. 


I hope this makes sense. 

I could try to find out on Monday from one of the estate agents that we work with if it is legal for the landlord to ask the clerk to amend the check-out report. 

Hope this helps. 


Thank you for taking the time to reply. It’s very useful. If you are able to get any additional information about whether the landlord can amend the inventory report that would be very much appreciated. I’ve gone back to him and asked him to share that initial report with me (the one before the amendments). I asked the inventory clerk but he refused because, he explained, the landlord is his client.

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