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Can landlord charge for doing work himself?

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Am I right in thinking that if the landlord chooses to repair something himself after I’ve moved out, he cannot charge my deposit for that work? I have just moved out of a bungalow after two and a half years and ever since I have lived there I have had problems with the drains becoming blocked for no good reason. The first two times it happened I called in a specialist to clear them and paid and he told me that it was happening because there had once been a cesspit and it had been diverted to the main sewer, but not done properly. Unfortunately, I did not get that in writing. Anyway, over the last few weeks, the bathroom sink has been very slow to empty and I have even put some drain clearing granules down to correct the problem. My dishwasher has never worked properly because the water pressure is so poor and three times the landlord has come and checked the drains himself, without being asked, which is a clear indication that he knew there was something wrong with them. Also, every time the agent has been to appraise the property (every four months) she has asked about the drains. Now he is trying to claim from my deposit to clear the drains which were not blocked when I moved out anyway, and I know he will do it himself.

He has some other things on his list which I know he will do himself. The agent says they are getting quotes, but I know he will do it himself. I shall dispute paying for the drains anyway, since I know they are faulty and so does he, but there are a couple of other things.

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Basically yes.

A Landlord can do the works himself and then put forward the costs to claim from your deposit however to make a successful claim they would still need to be deemed Tenant responsability. The Agent can also obtain quotes if they want to but the Landlord isn’t forced to go with the quotes they provide.

If you feel the deductions are unfair then i would suggest raising a dispute through the scheme’s ADR who will decide on how the monies should be allocated.


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