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can landlord keep requesting visits

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I  have been living in my house for 18 months.In that time i have had to do all the repairs myself because landlord wont( they are serious repiars and not small ones and not of my doing) there is still a very large repair that needs sorrted that is letting in water again he wont sort it.i have been to see a solicitor,reposrted it to council and private rented panel but because he has turned nasty and is bombarding me with letters blaming me for things i definately havent done im moving out,i just cannot handle it anymore.Last week for the first time ever he demanded a house inspection.I know he has a legal obligation but i was so angry i said no,im moving out and it was only to intimadate me even further.He banged on the door,went round all the windows and was outside my home for over an hour,i wasvery scared.I called the police to report it I have now recieved a letter demanding a rediculous amount of money for things i havent done also saying to expect a sherriff officer at my door soon.Is he within his rights to keep sending me inspection dates because i moving out soon and do not want to see him,he can see the house after i move out.he house was a mess when i moved ie needed decorating new flooring etc whic i paid for,i didnt mind that but drawing the line at serious repairs.I have only just heard from private rented panel but they have taken so long to reply its too late so im cancelling the whole thing cos i wont even live here anymore and will not benefit me and to be quite honest id rather just take him to court,they arent interested in repairs ive done cos they dont excist anymore.I just want to be left in peace to pack the next few weeks i will be here,my entire stay here has been so bad im now on meds for my nerves 

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Hi Pyper

Have you given notice on the property? You need to give proper notice and keep paying rent or you will be in breach of the tenancy agreement and the landlord is entitled to come after you for the remaining rent.

In terms of the inspection, the landlord needs to give you 24 hours notice. If it isn’t convenient for him to come at the time on the date suggested then you can suggest an alternative. Although it’s understandable that you don’t want to see him, if you can do it it’s better to be there for the final inspection and to follow him around and take photos. If you’re scared then you’re well within your rights to have someone there with you, a friend or even a lawyer or someone more official.

You basically need to make sure you have as much proof as possible of the state of the property. If you let the landlord do the inspection alone then they could cause damage and claim it was you. This doesn’t often happen but your landlord sounds a little unbalanced.

In terms of the demands for money, if the landlord tries to keep part of your deposit to cover this then raise a dispute with the deposit protection scheme that is protecting your deposit (you should have been told about this within 30 days of moving in). If your deposit isn’t protected then you can make a claim against the landlord for 1-3 times the amount of the deposit as compensation.

Keep all your receipts for work done, gather together all the correspondence with the landlord and basically gather as much proof as you can as to what has happened – it might even be worth sending a letter that sets out all the problems you’ve had, including a timeline of when they happened. If you do end up in court this will all help you. If he starts banging on the windows again or trying to intimidate you then try to film it on a phone or take photos. In the meantime, if you feel threatened then call the police – the landlord cannot harass you and they should step in if he does. 


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