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Can landlord swap furniture part way through tenancy?

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Pretty sure I know the answer to this but want to be sure of my rights….

We moved into a furnished property mid-August and rearranged some of the furniture to suit us. The landlady came over last week to sign the inventory which she did without querying the furniture arrangement. Since then she has been bombarding my boyfriend and I with messages and calls demanding that we move the furniture back where it was. As far as I’m aware once she has signed an AST and an inventory she can’t make those demands. We’ve explained that if we damage the furniture then of course we would have to pay for it but the location of the furniture isn’t up to her if we are living with it. She is now suggesting swapping some of it which we don’t want to do.

So my question is – does she have any right to swap/insist on swapping out furniture included in the inventory that we have all signed? TIA.

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We’ve received this question before. For whatever reason, some landlords don’t allow tenants to rearrange the furniture. But it is not right. As a tenant, you have a right to enjoy the property in privacy and to make it your home. 

While making structural changes or putting holes in the wall requires the permission of the landlord. You’re free to do nondestructive modifications freely. Just make sure that the furniture won’t scratch the carpet or flooring and you’re good. 

Remember the original position, as the landlord may request to return the property in exactly the same way as you received it. 

As for swapping the furniture, you can simply deny. You have rented the property with it’s contents, so unless you agreed to the swap, the landlord can’t demand to replace it, swap it or remove it.

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