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"Can my landlord let himself in while I'm the bath ?"

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I was in the bath one Sunday, and my landlord decided because I didn’t hear him knocking to let himself in, is this normal practise ?????? 

I dont know my landlord I am a private tenant and I pay my rent directly to him. What is my position with regard to access to the property, while I’m in contract ?

I have of course never agreed to open access and I am a single parent with children.

He has also popped round to collect post when I’m at work without me knowing.

What are my rights ?

i would be grateful for any help…. 

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Hi Joanna

Your landlord can’t do this – it doesn’t matter what kind of tenant you are, the law in this country means that you have the right to undisturbed possession of the property. Your landlord needs to give you 24 hours notice EVERY TIME – and you must agree to the date and time they want to come. If you don’t agree then you need to find a suitable alternative time between you. This applies whether you’re in the property at the time or not. This kind of casual landlording is just sloppy and unprofessional – this is a business arrangement, you’re not a guest in their home.

If the landlord doesn’t stop this then you could make a claim for tresspass (you can sue for tresspass) or harrassment. The first step is probably to remind the landlord they always need to give you 24 hours notice, even to collect the post, and pleasantly make it clear that you don’t want that to happen anymore. It’s sometimes worth highlighting to a landlord that if they enter the property without permission they open themselves up to all sorts of claims (in addition to harassment etc) of damage to your belgongings etc so it’s just not worth it.  More info on harassment etc here.


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