Can tenants refuse access to Landlord agent to retrieve posts for previous tenants? | The Tenants' Voice
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Can tenants refuse access to Landlord agent to retrieve posts for previous tenants?

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I have recently moved out of a flat and a new tenant has moved in. As you’d expect changing addresses for everything will take some time and some post may arrive at the old address within this period. 

I’ve asked the agent to get any posts for me in the flat but the tenant hasn’t been in for a week and won’t be in for another, and refuses the agent to go in the flat and just get the posts. 

So in this case, if I have a post in there and I’m late in responding to the post by the time tenant comes back in, can I sue them or do anything about it? Surely they cannot just not be in the property and refuse access to the landlord for a couple weeks!

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Hi Ab,

The tenant has absolute rights not to grant access. As notice for ending a tenancy is at least 1 month, this does allow ample time to change postal addresses and/or set up a redirection service.

Personally, I would cut the agnet out of it and just send a letter to the Tenants. You can either include your number and ask them to contact you for a suitable time to pop round and pick it up OR you can enclose a self-addressed A4 envelope with postage on it and ask them to put your post in it and post it to you.

Simples- not need for any suing!

Hope that helps


It is down to you to chnage your address, the new tenants aren’t a personal mail service. You could easily have set up a mail re-direct with Royal Mail. You probably knew you were moving so had ample time to change addresses.  Personally I would be returning the mail to sender, so there may be nothing for the LA to collect.  

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