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Can the landlord do this??

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When I first moved in about 18mths ago I accidentally burnt a small area of carpet next to the fireplace. I immediately told the landlord about this and said that I will replace the carpet. He said that he wants to replace carpet for wooden boards that he had in his barn after he cut them. So when the time came I removed the carpet for him.  He dropped the boards off along with a heater and dehumidifier and told me to use them over a week to dry out the wood. He didn’t contribute to the electric the heater and dehumidifier used and I did not have any use of my lounge room for about 2 weeks. He laid the boards over 2 days then after 3 days he came to sand and varnish it. 

No costs were spoken about before any of this. However now he is demanding  £200 from me for the wooden boards and his work. Can get do this??

I know from speaking to both sets of neighbours (who have lived there for years) that the carpet I burnt a patch of was well over 5years old as that carpet was put down by the previous owners 5 years ago.

I was more than happy to replace the car before and was quoted under £200 by carpet guy. Also the storage heater and dehumidifier used over £20 electricity which came out of my pocket. Also the inability to even use the lounge room for just over 2 weeks. 

Can the landlord demand this off me??

Thank you

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The landlord can’t do this, as they have never mentioned the costs before agreeing the work with you. 

As you say, you would have been happy to replace the carpet and also would have incurred the increase in bills AND would have use of your lounge almost the entire time. 

You should outright deny to pay this bill as you have never agreed to it. It’s an upgrade, not a replacement and the landlord is not automatically entitled to have you pay for it. 

Please check this article if you’re concerned about the deposit return:

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